Welcome to the Patient Resource page where you can find articles and websites that provide you with information to help make your joint replacement surgery experience as successful as possible. Selections include the Choosing Wisely articles, which are collection of articles that include input from orthopaedic surgeons, medical professionals, and medical societies. These articles include evidence based tips to help guide you along your joint replacement surgery path.

Treating Osteoarthritis of the Knee
Preventing Infections in the Hospital
Five Things Physicians & Patients Should Question
National Quality Strategy Stakeholder Toolkit

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The websites listed below can provide you with information about improving the quality and safety for patients:

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality:
Institute for Healthcare Improvement:
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan – Value Partnerships:
Consumer Health Choices:

How do I dispose of unused pills?

It is important to safely dispose of prescription medications when you are done using them, especially narcotics such as Vicodin or Norco. However, disposing of these medications can be very difficult for patients because pharmacies generally do not take them back. Please visit this website for a list of locations of places to safely dispose of your medications,


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