MARCQI has three main goals founded on the principle of making Michigan the best place in the world to have a joint replacement:

–To improve patient safety and the quality of hip and knee joint replacement procedures performed in Michigan by promoting continuous quality improvement activities throughout the state.

–To improve quality of hip and knee joint replacement procedures by reporting on results and identifying devices and techniques with superior outcomes through the analysis of registry data.

–To demonstrate to patients and purchasers that MARCQI institutions are improving the value of arthroplasty services.

MARCQI improves quality by focusing on these initiatives:

  • Infection Prevention
  • VTE Prevention
  • Transfusion Reduction (Fracture, Dislocation)
  • Appropriate use of Extended Care Facilities (ECF)
  • Complication Reduction
  • Device Analysis
  • Post-operative Readmission Reduction
  • PROS

To accomplish these goals, it is imperative to support the ability of participating sites to voluntarily collect and disseminate data on individual center performance in a non-punitive manner. This structure has allowed continuous quality improvement and monitoring of patient outcomes, thereby advancing the hip and knee joint replacement procedures quality of care. In the past, efforts to collect data and benchmarking of hip and knee joint replacement procedures have been hindered by (1) lack of complete, reliable data collection system with standardized definitions with which to measure hip and knee joint replacement, and (2) limited ability to translate data into a meaningful assessment of existing systems/processes of care to determine best practices. MARCQI addresses these deficits.